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Sunrise Freshwater Pearl Colors for Honora Pearl JewelryWe are so excited to finally unveil a brand new look, feel and a whole lot of new functionality to our website here at HONORA.com.  Beyond the aesthetics , this site has been completely rebuilt to make it much easier for you to browse and find your favorite pearl jewelry.  While there is far too much to talk about in one post, we want to suggest you check out some of the more exciting features of the new HONORA.com:

Watch New Videos
See Our Collections
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Email Your Jeweler*
Learn About Pearl Shapes
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Find Your Nearest Retailer
Coming Soon: Design Your Own*

*Keep reading to learn more!

There are also a few special features we would like to tell you a bit more about…

Pearl Girl Fan Photos from Honora Pearls

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Conversations Page – One of the biggest changes on our new site is our HONORA Conversations page, a section entirely dedicated to you.  It is a place to share your experiences, suggest ideas and share photos while wearing your pearl jewelry.  We’ve truly enjoyed getting to know many of you better on sites like Facebook and Twitter and wanted to bring a piece of what you’ve shared with us there to our own site.  You will also notice a place to ask Joel and Ralph questions for an upcoming segment on HONORA TV.  We hope you enjoy the new area and we invite you to make it your own!

Email Your Jeweler – We often hear from many of you who are looking to buy a specific piece or a selection of items that you discover on HONORA.com.  While we always have our Find Your Nearest Retailer page available, this isn’t always the easiest way to connect you to your local jeweler or The HONORA Store.  In order to make things dramatically easier for you, we have created a way to email the HONORA jeweler of your choice product images and your contact information.  This lets them to get in touch with you and helps the store to contact us regarding the piece(s) you selected.  You can email any of our participating local partners or reach out to us directly at The HONORA Store in New York City by selecting the “Email Your Jeweler” or “Email The HONORA Store” button found on every product page, advertisement page and wish list.  Happy shopping!

Design Your Own is Coming Soon –  When it comes to the new HONORA.com, the best is yet to come!  Over the past few years, L’array has been using our array of pearl colors to create a wide selection of pearl color combinations.  His passion and joy for arranging our natural and infused pearl colors has inspired us make it easy for you to become the designer as well.  In early 2011, we will be unveiling Design Your Own from HONORA.  This online experience will let you create a wide selection of necklaces and bracelets in some of our most popular pearl shapes by mixing in our array of pearl colors.  Please sign up to be the first to find out when Design Your Own from HONORA goes live!

We hope you like the new site as much as we do and would love your feedback on our Facebook page, right here on the HONORA Conversations page or in the comments below.

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Comments (8)

  1. Kelley Powers  |  Posted 1407 days ago

    The new site looks great, but you have a typo in the first paragraph. The word ascetics (a person who dedicates his life to a pursuit of comteplative ideals) should be changed to aesthetics (the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty as applicable to the fine arts).

    Kelley Powers

    • HONORA Pearls  |  Posted 1405 days ago

      Thanks so much Kelley, for both the kind words on the site and for the correction! A small difference in spelling, but a big difference in meaning :)

  2. Maryann  |  Posted 1355 days ago

    I received the Tuxedo collection 36 inch strand of pearls for Xmas and they have now become a staple in my jewelry wardrobe for me. I feel so elegant when I wear them (which is quite often). I have a pair of grey pearl earrings that I wear to complement the necklace and I have to say that there’s something magical that happens when you put the pearls around your neck. The quality of the pearls are wonderful and the 8-9mm size is perfect. They are timeless, beautiful to look at and a classic piece of jewelry. I’ve already hinted that I need the matching bracelet for Valentines Day! Since my wardrobe colors are more of the black/grey neutral colors, the Tuxedo collection lends itself perfectly to my clothing. If you haven’t tried this collection yet, I suggest you start with a strand of pearls…You won’t be sorry.

    • HONORA Pearls  |  Posted 1351 days ago

      Thanks so much Maryann! We are loving the Tuxedo as well, classy without being bland. Hope your special someone go the hint and we are always here for him if he needs us :)

  3. Elaine Shaw  |  Posted 717 days ago

    Hi Ralph,
    Christmas 2011 you brought a 6mm-7mm string of pearls to QVC UK coloured ‘merlot’. On your last visit a couple of weeks ago, you brought the same necklace again. I bought this neklace Christmas 2011 for my sister – we both think it is fab! However you did not bring anything else in merlot, that I noticed, either last year or your last 2012 visit. As you are over here at QVC before this Christmas, will you be bringing some earrings and bracelets in’merlot’?

    I have an excellent collection of your pearls which always attract attention. I have bought a special box to put yout boxes in as I have so many – they are all beautiful!

    Kind regards,

    Elaine Shaw

  4. Tracey Green  |  Posted 535 days ago

    I live in the UK, and buy my Honora pearls on QVC UK, and am desperately trying to find a replacement for a lost Honora amthyst coloured ringed pearl bracelet but am unable to order via your custom build section on the website. The link for Honora retail also does not work. Please could you advise me how I might be able to purchase a replacement. tHANK YOU.

  5. Joii P Guerrro  |  Posted 312 days ago

    I have a number of Honora Ming pearl with the magnetic closers which is the BEST. I now have the necklace and want the magnetic closer on this too and other items from Honora. Would you please put magnetic closer on all that I send to you….pretty please!
    One more favor: many years ago you had a small pearl necklace with tiny gemstones. I had 4 and now only 1 (sisters got into the jewelry drawer) and now I want larger pearl necklaces and larger gemstones.
    Thank you for your replies.

    joii on Maui

  6. Jacqueline Lancejackielanceb  |  Posted 228 days ago

    Please connect me with someone that can tell me how to get my Honora Rondel Pearl Cuff
    Watch repaired. The band is made up of 3 strands of pearls and one end of one band has come loose from the watch. It is such a favorite. I am 83 yrs. though I liked to wear it everyday. Truly, I am not rough on my jewelry. I remembered when this watch was introduced on QVC the gentlemen was so proud of his design. I have so many pieces of Honora and do enjoy wearing them. In researching and possibly purchasing another of this watch, I have found others have had the same problem. But no solution has ever been stated. HELP