Pearls for Everyone

At Honora it is our mission to empower ALL women (that means you, your mother, and your grandmother) and to deliver them all the pearls they deserve.

Honora has led the industry in reinventing the perception of pearls, making them accessible to everyone. We’ve been working with nature to create fun, modern and colorful pearls available at affordable prices. This allows everyone to experiment with our vast assortment of styles, find the perfect gifts and purchase jewelry appropriate for every occasion.

Find Your Luster Campaign

You don't need to fit a specific status or label to wear Honora, pearls are for everyone.

Like pearls, no two people are alike, and we believe our individuality is the best part of ourselves. This inner glow is something we all already have, all you need to do is find it. We encourage every person to find their own luster - to recognize & celebrate what makes them unique!

We spoke to real people about what makes them, them. See how they answered the question, ‘What makes you unique?’

History of Honora


Honora brand is launched!


Honora decides as a brand to focus ONLY on pearls, moving away from colored stones and diamonds.


Honora partnered with QVC for the first time!


Honora begins dying pearls!


Honora Happy Backs are developed!


Honora joins forces with Richline Jewelry, a Berkshire Hathaway company.


Honora Celebrates our 70th Anniversary as a company!


Honora partners with Macy's & Jared. Honora opens online shop!


Let’s take pearls out of the country club and into the nightclub.
Let’s keep them smooth but make them edgy.
Forget queens and princesses and society’s elite, let’s change their story from prim and proper to fun and flirty.
And let’s never make owning them about the size of your pocketbook but rather the lengths of your imagination.
Honora makes high quality, Cultured Pearls designed to let every woman find her own unique way to glow.


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