Everything You Need to Become a Pearl Expert

There are endless pearls of wisdom to discover about our favorite gem. Did you know that pearls are one of few Organic Gemstones (they come from living organisms)?! Of course, we’re biased, but pearls are considered the most important of all of the Organic Gems. They have been used for embellishment for over 6,000 years!

Pearls come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and have many different uses.

It’s our goal to not only showcase the beauty of pearl jewelry, but also to spread knowledge about what makes them so remarkable! And if we’re lucky, we will make our beloved consumers wiser shoppers in the process.

First things first, Let’s talk Quality!

Pearls are valued by a combination of qualities, such as size, color, shape, luster, symmetry and lack of any flaws on the surface (#Flawless!). When it comes to high quality, the usual rule for pearl jewelry is ‘the more the better’. The bigger, whiter, rounder and smoother pearls are, the higher their quality is and the more they cost. Because no two pearls (like no two customers) are ever exactly alike, sorting pearls is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process, which can add to the jewelry’s cost as well.

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