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Pearls Are For Everyone

What if we turn our backs on tradition?

Let’s take pearls out of the country club and into the night club. Let’s keep them smooth but make them edgy. Forget queens and princesses and society’s elite, let’s change their story from prim and proper to fun and flirty.

And let’s never make owning them about the size of your pocketbook but rather the length of your imagination. Honora makes high quality, cultured pearls designed to let every woman find her own unique way to glow.

The Goods

Visit our Collections page to see what's in our Jewelry Wardrobe. We carry a wide range of pearl jewelry from classic white to colorful, eccentric styles. Happy exploring!.

Pearls of Wisdom

It's our priority to not only put pearls in the hands of EVERYONE who wants them, but also to educate everyone about what makes our favorite gem so great in the first place!! Learn more about the colors, shapes & sizes of pearls, the definitions of Cultured Pearls & Freshwater Pearls, and more 411 on our Discover page.

Pearls That Go With

Our Pearls Go With.... Everything! What do your pearls go with? Share your style with us on social!
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